Persona 5 Tactica: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Persona 5 Tactica is rapidly making its mark in the turn-based strategy genre, presenting a compelling experience for players. Whether you’re a newcomer to this style or accustomed to the main Persona series, we’ve gathered valuable tips to ensure a satisfying gaming experience. Embark on your journey with these insights, aiming for a fantastic and strategic gaming experience. Without further ado, let us dive into the best tips for beginners in Persona 5 Tactica.

5. Do Quests Often


In Persona 5 Tactica, preparing for battles is crucial, and before each fight, you can customize your team’s setup. You can choose their personas, equipment, and more. Additionally, each stage introduces extra goals beyond the primary one, providing added rewards for completion. These goals often involve meeting specific conditions. The conditions include completing the battle within a set number of turns or ensuring no team members get knocked out. 

While not mandatory, achieving these extra goals can significantly boost your earnings in terms of cash and experience points. After a battle, the game highlights which additional objectives you fulfilled. As a result, you receive corresponding rewards before progressing with the story. Given the substantial payoff for the extra effort, striving to accomplish these extra challenges is advisable.

Moreover, engaging in optional quests between main story missions is an excellent strategy. Although not essential for the main storyline, quests present clear goals. Similarly, after completion, they offer valuable bonus experience, or GP (general points). It’s important to note that while quests provide enticing rewards, they might pose a greater challenge compared to regular missions. Therefore, you should be careful before undertaking them.

4. Plan Your Moves

Persona 5 Tactica characters

In Persona 5 Tactica, planning your moves is not just a recommended strategy—it’s a fundamental aspect of the game’s unique design. Unlike other strategy games with varying hit chances, every attack in Persona 5 Tactica is guaranteed to hit unless the target has full cover. This eliminates the uncertainty often associated with turn-based combat.

Moreover, the ability to move all your units simultaneously adds another layer of strategic depth. The game encourages a puzzle-like approach. Knowing exactly what each unit can hit and where it can move allows you to execute chain attacks. This simultaneous movement mechanic transforms battles into a choreographed dance, with the entire team moving harmoniously to achieve optimal positioning.

With no chance for attacks to miss, you have the power to line up devastating combos and triple threats. It’s not just about reacting to the enemy’s actions; it’s about seizing control of the battlefield from the outset. So, before dismissing the notion of planning moves in a strategy game, consider using it in Persona 5 Tactica. Embrace the puzzle-solving nature of the game, and you’ll find that every encounter becomes an opportunity to showcase your tactical prowess.

3. Maintain Your Cover

Ready to battle

Staying behind cover is super important in Persona 5 Tactica. It’s not just a smart move; it’s like a survival rule. Picture the battlefield: enemies everywhere, trying to find any chance to hit you. It’s crazy, right? Being behind the cover is like putting up a big shield. The enemies want to hit you with follow-up attacks that can hurt your team. Even if the cover doesn’t fully protect you, it’s better than being out in the open.

Even if it’s not perfect, standing close to cover makes the enemies think twice. They’re less likely to make those damaging follow-up attacks if they see your team all smartly positioned. It stops them from taking advantage of your weak points and lowers the damage they can do. So, always stick to the cover, whether it’s a solid cover or just something to hide behind. Even if you have to move your team around a bit during a big fight, it’s way better than dealing with those extra-strong attacks. In the intense world of Persona 5 Tactica, keeping behind cover can save your team from direct hits.

2. Always Aim for Triple Threat Attack

The triple threat

Mastering the Triple Threat Attack, Persona 5 Tactica adds a potent weapon to your arsenal for taking out enemies. However, its success depends on careful forethought and strategic planning. As we mentioned about planning your moves, executing this attack efficiently involves specific steps. Once you’ve mastered the technique, battles become quicker and more efficient. The key lies in understanding and implementing the necessary conditions for triggering the Triple Threat Attack.

Three critical conditions must be met to initiate the Triple Threat Attack successfully. First, there must be a downed enemy on the battlefield. Second, three party members must strategically arrange themselves into a triangular formation with the downed enemy in the center. Lastly, one of these party members must have one more move ready to activate. Achieving this move demands perfect planning and precise execution during the battle. The Triple Threat Attack becomes a powerful asset when these conditions align, underscoring the importance of strategic planning in its utilization.

1. Always Try to Achieve Bonus Objectives

Persona 5 Tactica: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

Before diving into battles in Persona 5 Tactica, it’s essential to consider the bonus objectives accompanying each stage. These objectives extend beyond the primary goal. They often include challenges like keeping all your units standing or completing the mission within a specified timeframe. While not mandatory for progressing in the game, they are valuable opportunities to earn extra cash and experience points for your team. 

Overlooking these objectives, especially in higher-difficulty settings, can deprive your characters of essential resources. Therefore, completing these objectives helps you to secure additional rewards that significantly contribute to your team’s overall growth and success.

The completion of bonus objectives is not a one-time affair. The game allows you to revisit missions through Mission Replay as you utilize your current team and their updated levels. This feature enables you to reattempt and conquer objectives that may have proved challenging initially. Sometimes, certain bonus objectives may be difficult during your initial playthrough. The ability to revisit missions provides a second chance to claim those rewards. Embracing these bonus objectives adds depth to your tactical approach. Additionally, it reinforces the importance of strategic thinking beyond the primary mission objectives.

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Starfield: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

After a long wait, Starfield is finally here, and it packs loads of content to wrap one’s head around. The game features the biggest universe yet from Bethesda. And, more or less, takes after the studio’s previous works in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout franchises. If you’re looking to explore your inner space adventurer and are wondering whether there are any preparations you can make to make the most of your experience, we’ve got you covered. With our Starfield: Best Tips for Beginners, you’ll enjoy a fulfilling adventure and can carve a successful path to conquering the depths of space.

5. If You Play Dirty, Play Smart

Starfield: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

The most fun part about Starfield is the freedom to do whatever you want and become whatever your heart desires. You can work for a crime boss and then go ahead and steal from him. You can hijack other spaceships. Or smuggle your way through space. Anything from stuffed animals to harvested organs, xenowarfare technology, and heretical scripture are contraband goods you can smuggle in exchange for a pretty penny. Thankfully, these items are marked with a yellow tag icon so that you can spot them easily. 

Now, whether you pick them up depends on how willing you are to work toward avoiding getting caught. Because as much as contraband is up for the taking, there’s a high chance that the space police will be hot on your trail. To avoid getting caught, you need to first upgrade your ship’s storage to a shielded cargo hold. That way, when the space police scan for contraband, you can slip past them undetected. The other way to evade the patrol cops is to upgrade your deception skills. Once you do so, the cops’ scanners will become less effective against you.

With the police sorted out, you can proceed to offload your contraband at the trade authority shops without worry. Then, use the money for anything you like.

4. Make Use of the Fast Travel Option

Starfield involves jumping from one planet to another, each with its own unique space stations, species, weather, etc. If you’re a wanderlust junkie, you’ll want to explore as many planets as possible and still not even come close to completing the over 1,000 planets Starfield offers. Because of the similar process of space jumping is – start your engine, strapping in, steering upward, breaking through the atmosphere and into the next one – it helps to automate (or something close to) the whole process. 

Starfield has two options for traversing planets. The first is a longer route that you will probably get acquainted with first. It’s literally walking into your ship, strapping into your seat, and then clicking the planet you want to go to next. What follows is a series of cutscenes, black screens, and loading screens, all showing the actual take-off and docking. But you never actually get to steer the ship yourself, which can take away the interest in flying altogether. In that case, feel free to use the fast travel option.

Fast travel will have you pulling up your map whenever you want to jump ship to another planet, and with the quick press of a button, you’re there, thus skipping the bound-to-get-boring manual process, especially when done one too many times.

3. There’s No Need to Pick Up Everything


Contrary to other collectible games, Starfield doesn’t need you to pick up everything because most of it will become junk anyway. There are all sorts of items you can pick up, from apple juice to microscopes. If you continue to pick up everything, your inventory will quickly fill up. And besides running out of space to store more items, you’ll start running out of breath while your speed drastically slows down. 

It’s honestly more trouble than it’s worth, so try only to pick up the absolute necessities. Most of the items you pick up will be so you can sell them for profit. However, not all items’ value is equal to their sale price. In that case, make sure to calculate the selling price before picking up an item (usually 13% of the item’s value). Also, a quick note is that all ammo and items like med packs and digipicks for picking lock puzzles don’t weigh anything. For those, feel free to go all out. 

2. Forge Your Own Path

Starfield tips

While at the start, it’s advisable to stick to the main missions to get a clear picture of the story and gameplay, you don’t have to do so in the latter stages of the game. Perhaps stay on course for the first two missions, at least. Thereafter, you can pick the next three in any order. And afterward, you can start to forge your own path. Trust me; it’s much more fun that way to do side quests and explore the world however you please. Plus, the main missions will still be around when you get back from your self-directed little pleasures.

1. Keep Your Scanner Eyes Open

Starfield: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

In just a few moments of playing Starfield, you’ll quickly realize that there are no local maps available to facilitate easy navigation. And while you can read signs on buildings or signposts and arrows, it may not always work for you. So, try to make the most of your “scanner eyes” instead. The hand scanner helps you identify interactable items, which can come in pretty handy when spotting useful ones like digipicks and ammo among the junk. 

Additionally, it helps to identify valuable resources while exploring a new planet. Things like plant species and minerals aren’t always easy to know their value when you’re seeing them for the first time. However, the scanner can help you filter the noise and harvest only the resources you need. Lastly, the scanner can help you see points of interest. And it even takes a step further to identify your distance from the target.

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